Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does it work?

Price Cheetahs provides you with various types of targeted deal offers from cities across British Columbia and eventually across Canada and the USA. We feature deal offers from restaurants, social events, concerts to spa and automtive services. We bring you both new and familiar brands. You can get the products and services you know and love or be the first of your friends to try a new restaurant or service. You win everytime!

2. Does it cost anything to join?

Absolutely not! Membership is free.

3. How do I subscribe to e-mail alerts for discounts?

On the top of every page you can submit the form for e-mail alerts. Just choose a city  and enter your e-mail and cell phone number.
You can also register as a member for free and choose your e-mail notification settings for specific cities, deal types or business. By registering and choosing your preferences, you are helping us customize your experience.

4. If the minimum purchase is not met, is my credit card charged the purchase price?

No!  Only once the offer has reach the minimum number of sales, to set the deal as live, will you be charged for the purchase of the deal.

5. I purchased a deal and have not received my text with the link to my mobile redemption page?

You will receive your certificate via text once the deal goes live. If the deal does not go live you will receive an e-mail to notify you.

6. Failure to meet the minimum purchase amount, what would happen?

This offer will be canceled and your credit card will not be charged. If you really like this offer, do not forget to recommend it to your friends and family to help you achieve the minimum purchase quantity

7. How do I buy an offer?

You can 'Add to Cart' any deal that is live or waiting to go live.
  • If the deal is live you will receive your certificate for redemption via text immediately after completetion of purchase. Once payment is verified.
  • If the deal is not live you will receive your certificate after enough purchases of the deal trigger the deal tp goe live.
    • Then you will be charged by the system using your payment choice.
    • After payment is confirmed and the deal is live you will receive your certificate for redemption via text.

8. Is there back-up access to my certificate?

Yes, you can find your certificate in your account. But you will still need your cell phone to redeem your certificate. Some businesses may opt to use the QR Code scan as a backup system to help redeem certificates. This will require you to have the QR Code on your phone, which is availalbe through your account as well.

9. Why do you need my cell phone number?

There are more than one reason for needing your cell phone number at the time of registration:
  • Your account is attached to your cell phone number
  • You will receive a text requesting you to confirm your registration with Price Cheetahs
    • Please reply with YES to confirm your registration
    • This ensures that it is you registering and not a spammer
  • You will receive a link via text to redeem your certificate after each purchase

10. Do I need to print my redemption coupons?

Never! All redemptions of your certificates will require you to use your smart phone. Follow the link that was sent to you via text and visit the personalised redemption page for you and each individual purchase you have made.
  • You will get a mobile web page that:
    • Identifies the product you purchased
    • It shows your personailzed redemption code
    • Shows an image of the deal purchased
    • Any amount owing to the business that you are redeeming the certifictate at
    • And a Redeem button

11. How do I redeem my coupon certificate?

You will need to have your smart phone with you when you take advantage of your coupon certificates

  • Go to your redemption page of your certificate
    • Use the link you received via text
  • Show the coupon on your phone to the staff member you are dealing with
  • Pay any remaining money owed to the business to complete the offer
  • Let the staff witness you pressing the redeem button
    • Or let the staff press it
  • You will see a prompt on your screen asking you Do you really want to redeem? Cancel or OK buttons
  • Press OK or let the staff.
  • Enjoy your product or Service

12. What if I did not receive or lost my redemption link?

  • Sign into your account and under 'Deal Certificates' you will find a redeem now link.
    • Once again be sure to use your phone when redeeming your certificate

13. Do coupons expire?

You will need to read each offer carefully before you make a purchase of any deal. Laws vary from Province to Province and so does each business. If there is an expiry date for a deal certificate it will be clearly marked on the certificate inside your account under 'Deal Certificates'

14. I can buy coupons as a gift to others?

Of course! Many deals offer there deals with a limit of how many you can give as a gift. To do so just choose to give as gift and follow the prompts in the checkout process.

15. I did not purchase the full value of certificate. What happens?

Certificates carry no cash value. If you buy $100 for meals at a restaurant for $25 and only buy $56 of food at the restaurant. The restaurant will not carry credit for the unused portion of the $100($44 remaining). There is also no cash value for the unused $44. It is your responsibility to use the full certificate value! This is where "Use it, or lose it!" is very applicable.

16. Can I use Price Cheetahs coupons with other promotions at a business?

No, our offers are not to be used in conjunction with any other offers.

17. If I buy a deal and the business refuses the offer or goes out of business, what happens?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. For our members we have implemented strict quality control. We will take preventive measures to ensure that this does not happen. However, if this does happen before the expiration, we guarantee to give you a refund as a credit to your account.

18. I want to feature my business on Price Cheetahs. How do I do this?

You can apply through our request form.

18a. I want to sell my dropship products on Price Cheetahs. How do I do this?

You can apply through our request form. Use your online Sellers name if you do not have a registered business. Also select Private Shipper as your business type.

18b. I want to sell my used / private products on Price Cheetahs. How do I do this?

You can apply through our request form. Use your online Sellers name if you do not have a registered business. And select Private Seller as your business type. This will allow you to sell on our Public Maretplace section.

19. What is your privacy policy?